November Stone of the Month





The mellow gold of Citrine captures attention and brightens our moods. A sunny quartz whose name comes from the French word for “lemon”.
Cheerful and full of light, this sparkling gem was once thought to protect the wearer against various evils. Today, it’s radiant color is associated with joyfulness, youth and vitality. Citrine is a member of the Quartz family of gemstones. The warm color of Citrine is achieved by heating pale Amethyst and transparent
to Smokey-colored Quartz. Citrine is typically mined in South America. Other places of production are Brazil and Bolivia. Birthstone for November, it is also the gem to commemorate the 13th Wedding Anniversary.
Wearable, affordable and fashionable, Citrine’s shimmering yellow draws the eye and captives the viewer. Citrine is rated “good” for everyday wear. Avoid direct sunlight and exposure to heat which may cause color to fade. To clean, gently brush with a soft toothbrush and a solution of mile dish soap and warm water. This stone has a hardness of 7 on the gemstone scale of hardness.